Finding THE PATH! 

 In This Week’s Article:  Finding the way of “Not This”

Most of you already know I grew up in the mountains of Northwestern Montana. If you are imagining me as a youngster fly fishing in little majestic streams with towering canyons on both sides, you are correct. I did do a lot of creek fishing with my cousin/best friend, Preston, but it wasn’t any peaceful quiet adventure! We were constantly swearing about the brush and thistles hindering our casts, bitching about our siblings and the ones that got away (THE FISH). The mountains were quiet, but there was never silence between the two of us!

The primary goal of the trip was always to see who could catch the most fish, but the secondary goal was to see how long we could keep our feet dry! We didn’t do the type of fishing you see in magazines with hip waders and fancy gear, we only had running shoes and a couple granola bars.

Catching the most fish entails making the best casts into the best holes, and the only way to get to those spots is to cross the creek multiple times. To keep our feet dry we had to be very strategic about where to cross, when to cross, and what rocks/logs to step on to actually make it across! One loose or slippery rock would make us a failure really quick, and if things went really wrong we would end up with a lot more than our feet wet!

Every single time we made an attempt to be successful at the primary goal, we risked a secondary failure. The biggest problem was that crossing the creek to get into a better position to cast didn’t guarantee success! There was always a dance between getting to a better spot or just giving it a shot from where we were!

All of us do this dance with our biggest goals in life. We might want to advance in our career or land another big client, but worry that if we spend the time, money and energy to do so, we might fall on our face and all the struggle will have been for nothing.

Whenever our secondary goal has to do with not failing or not “wasting” it prevents us from taking the actions that are necessary to achieve our greatest goal. The reality is getting your feet wet is a part of the process. You have to fail your way to success. The only way to find out if a rock was too slippery or too loose was to step on it. The only way to find out if there was a fish to be caught on the other side of the creek was to cross it!

There was one fishing trip in particular that Preston decided he was not going to let the fear of failure make him miserable or prevent his success. When we got to the creek that day, he looked at me and said, “I’m just going to get this over with.”  Then he jumped into the creek, with both feet for no reason other than he knew once his feet were wet, nothing would hold him back!

What’s holding you back?

I want to help you strive forward as risk free as possible, even though I can’t remove the obstacle of taking TIME to grow yourself, I can try to make it fun, easy and free for a short amount of time!  If you want to move forward on something check out the members area of my website HERE for a 1 month trial!

EITHER WAY >> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie