“Promises Become Chances”

 In This Week’s Article:  Ensure your success by giving yourself chances!

This weekend Griffin(6) was lining up some domino type blocks. In the past it has been an issue that when the row tips over unexpectedly he gets very upset… You can imagine it. He cries, pouts, sometimes throws the pieces or pushes the table away! (not sure where he gets that from!)

Anyways this weekend he asked me to come and help him. I said I didn’t want any part in setting these little things up because when I knocked it over by accident he would get really mad at me and act ridiculous (yes, we know this from experience!)

He looked up at me and serious as ever says “Mom, its ok because promises become chances!”

I had no clue what he was talking about, but he went on to explain. “If we promise to set up all the blocks in a line, we get a lot of chances. Every time we knock it down, we get another chance. I promise I won’t get upset, because I have a lot of chances… as many chances as I want”

I couldn’t help but laugh at my own son’s persuasion and pep talk, but later I realized he was really onto something!!

Think about your goals… or your “promises” to yourself… When you break that promise do you give yourself another chance? or do you get frustrated and pack it all in on the fact that you didn’t keep the promise?

We so often allow the expectation of perfection to put a stop to our efforts. You know you have done this before. A diet, an exercise routine, a budget, a savings plan…

Studies show this week IS THE HARDEST WEEK to stay on track with any new year’s resolutions you have set. You have likely slipped up, got off track and are ready to throw in the towel… DON’T

Give yourself another chance and re-commit to that resolution TODAY!

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Keep Making Progress!

– Bonnie

Extra Tip – Think of your goal as a commitment or a promise. Those words are more important than a goal. Think if someone got down on one knee with a ring and said “Honey it is my goal to love you forever, take care of you and be faithful to you. Will you marry me?”  …. Make a commitment. Make a Promise!