Are You Response – Able?

 In This Week’s Article:  A new perspective on responsibility

Responsibility is something we all try to teach our children. We want them to be able to show up on time, not miss the bus or make us late for work if we have to drop them off. We try to teach them how to keep their room tidy, take care of their things, keep track of their mittens and make good decisions. These are all the reasons that made raising me frustrating!

As a young person I was the definition of irresponsible…. also see similar words (careless, reckless, thoughtless, rash, unwise, etc.) My parents most often reflect on my upbringing with the words… “I can’t believe she made it to 18!”

If you have been on my email list for a while you know I still do careless things like leave my keys in my truck overnight with it unlocked and my wallet and tools inside, but I want to challenge the definition of responsible and argue that I am VERY RESPONSIBLE.

Response-able – Someone’s ability to respond to their circumstances.  This is the gap that splits blame vs. ownership, being a boss vs. being a leader, being a critic vs. a supporter. This is the difference between telling a story as to why you don’t have something and making whatever happen today that is going to get you there!

In life we are not responsible for the cards we have been dealt, but we are responsible for the choices we make with those cards. If you don’t take responsibility for everything you have in your life right now today (good and bad) you will never be able to empower yourself to create better circumstances.

You can be irresponsible and hold onto your cards and blame the dealer for your losses, or you can evaluate the hand you have and decide what your next move is! Like shit… which game are you even playing? Are aces high or low? Are there any wild cards?  I have talked to people that are complaining that they only have a pair of twos so they have labelled themselves as losers, BUT TWOs ARE WILD!

The truth is responsibility isn’t a characteristic it is a choice, and one thing I have always been responsible for is my own actions. When I make a mistake it is ok because I can take responsibility and make amends, I don’t have to lie, or make up a story… I take consequences as they come, learn and grow. That is what life is about! I have learned to do this from so many years of irresponsibility! Since I am careless with my things I have to focus on what I can control… my response to what I am going to do next!

>> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie