We all know the saying that to get people to buy from you they need to

  1. Know who you are
  2. Like you 
  3. Then trust you 

…. This used to be true, but the sales world is changing. People are “being sold” something all day long on social media, AND there are no prerequisites to people getting a product online and in front of people. I think we have all bought something online, or signed up for a service that turned out to be a total disappointment! 

Because of this overall weariness in the marketplace,  the ORDER of operations has completely flipped. Now, the  FIRST THING someone is deciding about you is whether or not you are trustworthy. If they get any sense of incongruence or mis-trust they aren’t going to waste any of their time seeing if they like you, or get to know what your products and services are. 

In the book “Better Selling Through Storytelling” John Livesay describes this process brilliantly! He says in order for people to buy from you they need to 

  1. Trust You – With their first instinct. (GUT)
  2. Like – What you and your company stands for (HEART) 
  3. Know – That your products/services make sense for them (HEAD) 

Buyers have a MASSIVE amount of CHOICE when it comes to solving their problems and meeting their needs. In order for you to be the top choice for your ideal clients you need to: 

  1. Be Authentic and Genuine because people can sniff out a fake right away. Believe in your products and services with unwavering faith. Any doubts that you can deliver will show up in your communication as untrustworthy! 
  2. Sell from the heart! You need to understand how you are really helping the person you are selling to. Don’t let the voices in your head cloud what is the best recommendation for your client. Create a reputation for yourself that you truly care about people and their success, not only your own. 
  3. Your products and services are only going to make sense for people if you uncover what they are truly trying to solve for themselves. You need to know exactly why this person is interested in your services and talk about the benefits to them. You don’t try to upsell someone eco-friendly toilet paper who doesn’t give a cat’s meow about the environment. A person wouldn’t choose a credit card with the lowest interest rate if they pay it off every month and their primary goal is to earn points.


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