Corporate Training Programs

Let’s say you are going to build a shed in your backyard and you don’t have all the tools you need in your garage to get the job done. The first place you would go is the hardware store. You would then buy the tools that are going to make building that shed as simple and as easy as possible. When you look at the receipt you may think, man that was expensive… but then you remember that once you have these tools in your possession you will be able to use them for many other projects around your home. These tools also come with some side benefits! You may be able to use them  at work. These tools could be lent to neighbors, family members and friends to make their lives easier also! All of a sudden you see these tools as something you will have for the rest of your life and the number at the bottom of the receipt is an investment, not a cost! 

Investing in Corporate Training is the same as buying tools for a construction project! Obtaining Certification through Proven Progress allows you to display your commitment to learning to your colleagues, customers and competitors. People want to do business with and work for individuals who are continuing to learn and grow! We are all a work in progress and you will never regret investing in tools that you will use to make you more efficient and effective in your career! 

Choose the Training that is right for you! 


Legendary Leader Certification Course

Do you want to be better at leading your team and inspiring action? The primary objective of the Legendary Leader Certification Course is to teach you how  to lead, inspire, and influence not only others but also yourself. Leadership is not telling people what to do, it is Showing them how to be and Empowering them to accomplish whatever is necessary to achieve the goals of the team.  

Course Outcomes and Objectives: By the end of this course you will be able to – 

  • Identify key characteristics of team members to better understand how to effectively communicate with them and to set them up for success. 
  • Define and communicate core values to ensure all team members understand the personality and brand of the company
  • Set and communicate realistic expectations of individuals and entire team 
  • Fuel production through genuine recognition and appreciation
  • Create a strengths based growth plan for individual team members to ensure they are engaged fulfilled and challenged
  • Effectively lead through times of high stress and anxiety amongst team members and within yourself.
  • Conquer conflicts head on to ensure resentments aren’t growing under the surface 


Course Outline 

Module 1 – The Leader 

  1. Strengths 
  2. Vulnerabilities 
  3. Mindset 

Module 2 – Company Vision and Values 

  1. Cause
  2. Direction/Confidence 
  3. Purpose 

Module 3 – Growth Planning 

  1. Challenge  
  2. Responsibility  
  3. Fulfillment 

Module 4 – Keys to Communication 

  1. Influence 
  2. Styles to ensure open flows of dialog 
  3. Listening vs. Talking 

Module 5 – Goal Achievement  

  1. Expectations
  2. Effectiveness vs. Efficiency   
  3. Productivity  

Module 6 – Leading Through Stress 

  1. Stress vs. Anxiety 
  2. Leading while Stressed 
  3. Leading a Stressed Team 

Module 7 – Conquer Conflict 

  1. Build trust with team members
  2. Start tough Conversations
  3. Find Win Wins 

**Bonus – How to set Big Audacious Goals to spark engagement and rally your team!

Legendary Leader Certification Course Cost: $5,149

Delivery Method – 40 hours of online training sessions will be scheduled over 4 weeks with registered individuals. 



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