Doing Something With Information 

 In This Week’s Article:  The Biggest Lie… Knowledge is Power.

So I have known for quite some time that it is a really good idea to invest 10% of your income. I read a book in 2008 called “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach. I was fairly young and thought it might be good to read a book about money since all I really knew is about money is that I liked having it, but it never seemed to be there for me when I needed it the most.

Anyhow I am embarrassed to admit that 13 years later I have never once invested 10% of my income.

I knew I should. I had the knowledge… the formula was right in front of my eyes… But I NEVER DID IT! There was no power in the information because I didn’t do it!

If I had done it there would be almost 100k sitting in an RRSP Somewhere and a great start to a healthy retirement…. BUT… BUM, BUM, BUM … there isn’t!

Now don’t feel sorry for me! There is still lots of time for me to get my financial shit together! Just like there is still a lot of time for you to hit whatever goals you have set this year!

I am telling you this because I want you to know KNOWLEDGE ISN’T POWER, ACTION IS! 

So now you are thinking… Bonnie, Now… Have you done this?

Embarrassingly enough, NO I HAVEN’T!!

WHYYYYYYY!!! The rewards of spending 1,000 today have always taken over my behaviour more than the thought of having 100k in the future!

I always have had a good excuse. My excuse now? Well shit, don’t you know, I am building a  coaching business?

Our excuses are usually stronger than our knowledge, until you become stronger than your excuses!

A cheeseburger today is better than health tomorrow. Being pissed off and self righteous now feels better than being wrong and apologizing tomorrow!

So… What do you know you should be doing, but are making excuses not to?

What are you saying you don’t have enough time, money or energy to do?

If you want someone to push you, hold you accountable, and give you the strategies I would love to chat. My specialty is in human behaviour and motivation. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve you need to perform the daily actions that are going to get you there… AKA HABITS!  < shoot me an email if you have some habits you want to create in your life! <

EITHER WAY >> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie