What is your two?

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November 15, 2018 was about the worst morning of my life. I rolled out of bed at 7:35 (Needing to be at work by 7:30). I only made time to get dressed and grab a cup of coffee before stumbling out into the garage to head to work.

I don’t park in the garage, but for some reason always go through it to get to my truck that sits in the driveway. It must be the part of me that would rather go through an obstacle than around one!

Anyways, as the overhead door gets about 1/2 way open it starts to hit me that something is not quite right!

My 10 month old company truck (fully loaded with tools) was missing! Still half asleep I walked out and stood where it should have been parked and started looking up and down the street thinking “did I park this thing somewhere else?” “Is someone “punking” me?”

Well apparently people do actually steal vehicles! Especially when you leave the doors unlocked with a spare key in the console!

The shame that came over me from that event was enough to send me spiralling into a pretty big pity party. I lost more than my truck that day. My pride, my fake confidence. Everything I was trying so desperately to hide about myself was exposed that day.

I had recently had a performance review that had comments like “improve organizational skills” and “Try to fully complete a task before moving onto the next thing” “remember to lock the tools shed” (LOL that wasn’t on the review, but it should have been!)

I have always had a difficult time with these kinds of things but I had great strategies in place to blame others and make excuses. The truth is I had even tricked myself! I thought my manager was off his rocker suggesting that I wasn’t organized! “It’s all organized in my head” I told him!

To get to the point – Sometimes you have to go down in order to go up. In order to break out of patterns of anger, frustration, self- doubt, worry, sadness and self sabotage there are two options:

1. (like me) A big event comes from the OUTSIDE and shakes up your life. (A job loss, divorce, bankruptcy etc)  When this happens there is a choice. You can take responsibility and move forward in new, positive, empowering ways to develop yourself, or you can continue to blame others and circumstances for your misfortune.

2. (Probably a better way) You search WITHIN and intentionally look at the flaws within your own thinking and actions. You WORK to seek the truth about how you want to feel and who you want to be!  You consciously decide to raise your standards and develop the parts of your character that you want to bring to the world.

Neither of these routes are easy, but both are worth it. At the end of the day, the quality of your life is best rated on how you feel at the end of it. Even though there are 27 different emotions, people typically feel 2 for the majority of their day!

So what two emotions do you feel the most?

Which emotions would you like to feel?

Keep Making Progress!

– Bonnie