Remember to Do the Important Things!  

 In This Week’s Article:  How to make remembering easy… even automatic

My oldest son Jordan is 13 and has been asking how he can earn some extra spending money. I mean let’s be honest, with Covid there is really nothing to do other than to buy random new things, so I don’t blame the kid! He has been hounding us for tasks that he could actually get paid for because we are believers in team work more than allowances.

Anyhow, one thing we never ask our children to take care of is cleaning up dog poop and taking care of the litter boxes. So, we decided we would pay Jordan to do these shitty chores, but under one condition… WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK! My wife and I are both guilty of just doing it ourselves because it is easier than asking someone else to come and do it.

Well this weekend our little Jordy was on his 3rd strike of needing to be reminded and Michelle was ready to fire him already! His reasoning for not poop picking wasn’t lack of motivation, or ambition (so he tells us!) “No, Mom I really want to do this!” He says he just “forgets” to do it!

Our argument is just check in once a day… when you get home from school, check the backyard. When you go downstairs for bed, check the litter box. As these words fell out of my mouth I thought of the concept of Habit Stacking!

Habit Stacking is when you take a new habit that you want to implement… I hope yours isn’t picking up shit…. But maybe you have been wanting to drink more water, or take a moment for deep breathing, or go for a 10 minute walk! When you stack a habit, you utilize your brain’s existing pattern to implement a new one!

So with Jordan we walked through his daily habits! After he brushes his teeth in the morning he checks the litter box, which is located in the mechanical room, right next to his bathroom. (Close, easy, and memorable!) As for the backyard, regardless of the weather the kid genuinely jumps on the trampoline every day, so we stacked poop picking on top of trampoline jumping. This way he has set points to check in with every day!

So no we didn’t actually end up firing him, but it was close! We mostly are giving him a 4th chance because let’s be honest… neither of us want to pick up that crap either!

Think about what simple health habits you can stack into your day that are going to increase your energy and mood. These are the things that we completely forget about because we are so busy going through the motions of our day!

If you love the concept of habit stacking and want to completely transform your daily habits check out my 30 Day Transformation Challenge ! In this challenge I send you a 10-15 minute coaching video plus a work sheet every day for 30 days.  Habit Stacking has its own dedicated day in this challenge! (Click here for that video)

I often have people ask me, “Bonnie, do people really change?” My response in short is if you can change a habit you can change your life! So much of our emotions are created from either our abundance or lack of time, money and energy. While we cannot change time, we can use it more effectively to generate more energy and money. There are also so many things that can transform our love/hate relationship with with time and money!

What causes you the most stress in your life? If you changed your daily habits would that change the level of your stress?

EITHER WAY >> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie