Why do you do… or not do certain things?

In This Week’s Article: How Unwanted Identity shapes behavior.

I have always wanted to exercise on a regular basis and be in GREAT SHAPE! I am guessing that the majority of you already know that I have not been very successful in achieving this daily goal!

I must assure you… looking healthy and being healthy are two very different things… The point is not that I NEED to exercise to lose weight or have my clothes fit better. The point is exercise reduces stress, increases focus and helps you live a longer more fulfilling life!

With all of these amazing benefits that WE ALL KNOW ARE TRUE… it is no wonder the majority of people had “exercising and eating healthier” as their new years resolution!

So why the hell can some of us do it and others not? The COMPLETE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS NOT SHORT!! … But I’ll Try!

For the people who can consistently stick to their workouts have somehow built doing these actions into their Identity! It is a part of them just like they are the kind of person who brushes their teeth every day! Usually this is because they identify as an athlete or a healthy person.

So what about the people who have never worked out or ate healthy? These people all of a sudden flip a switch and completely change their life? Those people have tapped into the incredible motivating force of their unwanted identity! They are running away from the idea of becoming unhealthy, looking a certain way or unable to do certain things!

The most powerfully motivating words I ever received, were from a doctor who was telling me that I had Arthritis in my back at the ripe age of 30. She told me that if I continued to work construction the condition of my back would deteriorate so much that I wouldn’t be able to play with my grandchildren when I was 50! (A HUGE UNWANTED IDENTITY FOR ME PERSONALLY!!) I quickly re-routed my path to determine ways to use my skill-set to help people in other ways!

The key is to use your imagination to fast forward what your life would look like in 10-20 years or even 20 years if you continue on your path…. When I did this my path drastically changed!

Making the changes in my career now are far better than waiting until the point that I cannot physically climb a latter. Just like it is easier to exercise now, than it will be to start exercising at 50. It is also better to stop smoking before you get lung cancer, or spending quality time with your kids before they make bad attention seeking choices!

If you want to make drastic changes consider a couple things… What is your unwanted identity? And what actions do you need to invest in today to stay away from an unwanted future? Stop telling yourself you will be fine if… raise your standards and make the changes necessary today!

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Keep Making Progress!

– Bonnie

For any of you who share my fear of getting old and not being able to MOVE the same way in your later years you must watch this video!! I actually cried (which I typically do not do!) This video is what reminds me of my WHY! and helps me be stronger than my excuses whenever I want to go off the rails with my health plan!