Found this OLD PHOTO! This was way back in 2014 when I was working for myself framing houses. I learned so many lessons from that time in my life! The BIGGEST one I learned was to not be too stubborn to ask for help and admit that you don’t know everything.
At this point in time I had only been in the construction industry for about a year and I was running my own crew of 1…sometimes 2, or 3, if I was lucky enough to find someone to work for me for more than a week at a time… But here was my issue! I was incredibly INSECURE about my knowledge of the industry… and I should have been. I didn’t know enough, but not everything I needed and I was so SCARED that if I admitted that I didn’t know something that I would get fired.
So instead of HIRING someone who did know the answers or seeking advice I would always find low level labourers that couldn’t question my knowledge. This served my ego, but I sure didn’t serve my business!
Even though I was always able to keep busy and was earning a good income I eventually had to close my business because I ran myself right into the ground. Having to do everything myself was exhausting and time consuming!
I had a young growing family at home that I was missing out on and a wife that I was not connected with or supporting. When I took a hard look at what I really wanted I gave up on running my own company and went to work for a salary.
Truth is, I am not alone in this type of story. There are tons of business owners out there right now thinking of how nice it would be to just come in from 8-5, collect their paycheck and not stress about anything else…. And many have left running a business for this very reason!
One of my biggest regrets of life is giving up on my business instead of doing what it really took to make it work for ME (Hire, Train and maintain the right people!) From my failure I have learned so many lessons and now I want to be able to use that to help others who might be in the same situation right now….
Some things I used to convince myself of  (that were not true!)
(let me know if any of these sound familiar)
– No one can do the job as good as me
– I can’t afford to hire anyone
– If I train someone they will leave and open a business that competes with me
– There is just no one good to hire these days
– No one wants to work hard anymore
– Millenials don’t know how to work (said often by millenials themselves)
– It will take longer to train someone than for me to just do it myself
All of these statements aren’t true, they are barriers you create so that you don’t have to do what you really need to… learn how to be a good leader.
No one likes to admit that they are the issue, no one wants to hire someone that knows more than them… but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to take a hard look at the places that need development!
I know it would have saved by business 7 years ago!
If this story sounds like a familiar place you are in drop me an email, I might be able to help!