When I was 16, I remember thinking it would be so badass if I got a flames tattoo on my lower leg. Not a Calgary Flames tattoo… like fire flames, you know they would start at my ankle and go up my calf. I also considered how bad ass it would look having a barbed wire tat around my bicep… For some reason, when I was 16 I thought it was important to look like a bad-ass, but I am really thankful I didn’t get either of these tattoos because if I had them today I would feel like a dumbass!

The reality is that at different ages and stages of life, we value things differently. As we grow… (and mature) things that were never important to us before are all of a sudden BIG DEALS, and things that used to be our total obsession seem stupid!

I have never gotten a tattoo because there is nothing that I am 100% certain that I would want on my body for the rest of my life! As you know I am not someone who is afraid of change. I have moved to a different country, completely changed careers, and I change my socks every day. I am not worried about making any of these decisions because I know they  don’t have to be permanent. I changed careers because I don’t feel the same way about building a house as I once did. How I feel about swinging a hammer… changed, just like my desire for those flames up my leg!



I have been asking myself this question because I have a hard time knowing where I want to spend my time and energy. I once thought I would always want to be physically working… but my back and hands  had a different plan for me!

The answer is 3 things… I have never met a single person who doesn’t want these 3 things…

Health –  NO ONE wishes to be sick, diseased, disabled, or limited by their health. All people want to be younger… let me rephrase, FEEL YOUNGER, and have more energy and vitality.

Wealth – All people want to have some form of financial security. The definition of what financial wealth is and the amount that is considered “wealth” is different for all people, but the need and want for this area of life to be taken care of is always there, but not just financial wealth… wealth can be in the form of knowledge, skills and experience as well.

Relationships – We all want to have positive loving, relationships that bring joy into our life. Whether those relationships are with our spouse, kids, parents, siblings, coworkers or friends, connecting with others in a positive way is something people will always crave and be fulfilled by.

So now, when I think of where I want to invest my time every day I am going to make damn sure these areas are covered!  because one thing I also know for sure is …


Like I might go ahead and get a dumb tattoo, show up late, forget to pick up my kids from school, or forget my keys in the ignition… BUT THAT IS ALL OK, because if I invest in small actions that add to my health, wealth and relationships, my wife and kids will forgive me, I will be able to financially pay for the consequences that come with mistakes, and I will have lots of time to be on this earth to make things right.

Something to consider… what small actions do you take on a daily basis that are GOOD investments for the PERMANENT WANTS of your future vs. the immediate desires of the moment?

its ok if you aren’t quite on the right track, or where you want to be! because you have the rest of your life to

>> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie


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