You Don’t Get Out The Same Way You Got In!

In This Week’s Article: Why I Carry Around a Children’s Wallet

When either my wife or I get really pissed off at someone (maybe a co-worker, one of our children, a family member… ok usually her ex-husband) we get to this place where “they couldn’t even eat a cracker right!” Meaning it doesn’t matter what that person does, we can find something wrong.

Sometimes we have the self awareness to be the one to call it out, but usually the other person brings it up … OK, OK, Its me 90% of the time losing my shit over something ridiculous! But the fact of the matter is once I get going. I KEEP GOING.

Sometimes I think a good ol’ tear apart vent session will make me feel better, but it ends up making me feel worse. I leave the conversation feeling more entitled and self righteous and less compassionate and understanding…. the more entitled and self righteous I feel, the more frustrated I am with others. The more frustrated I am with others, the more frustrating everything in my life is!

At some point I have to put down the damn shovel that started digging my sorry ass into that hole in the first place… Usually I need to do the OPPOSITE of what got me to pick up that shovel in the first place!

If being critical of others got me in, being forgiving of others will get me out…. BUT I’M SORRY, have you ever tried to flip the switch between “You can’t eat a cracker right” and “I’m sure you are doing the best you can” ? … Uh yeah, easier said than done!

That’s why my wife and I have this funny saying to call each other out. It gets tossed into the flow of the conversation like “OMG, and have you seen how that bitch eats a cracker!?” Because another thing that DIDN’T get us into that spiral is Laughter!

HUMOR is one secret to flipping the switch between frustration and forgiveness or sadness and gratitude. The trouble is, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously to allow these little teasing comments to help us.

One thing that shifted my attitude and frustration for life was the decision to stop taking myself too seriously! I even bought a little kids wallet that has cartoons on it to remind me of this fact!

This is a reminder not to take life too seriously!

My transformation from constant frustration to emotional freedom was one of the most challenging paths I have conquered. Using Humor was one of many strategies I deployed to change my life, but KNOWING that I NEEDED to stop taking myself too seriously was where I had to start. Different circumstances, call for different strategies, and you have to KNOW YOURSELF before you can GROW YOURSELF.

You could walk a 1,000 mile journey, but if you don’t know where or why you are travelling all you can think about is how much your feet hurt! Don’t walk through life missing the fulfillment and enjoyment it has to offer.

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EITHER WAY >> Keep Making Progress! << - Bonnie