Where Does Your Stress Come From? 

 In This Week’s Article:  All Stress is Created From Fear

This past Thursday – Sunday I attended Tony Robbins’ Virtual Unleash the Power Within Seminar. I spent four 16 hour days in our Garage dancing, crying cheering and cussing out my computer screen…. Yes, the children were concerned! (If you have ever been to UPW you know what I mean.)

Honestly it was just what I needed, but that is because attending the event itself made me so incredibly stressed out!

For starters the ticket  wasn’t cheap, so I wanted to make sure I was 100% present for the experience to get the maximum value possible, but I was feeling so guilty for checking out completely for 4 days! I was worried about the kids and leaving all the responsibilities of the household on her. I was worried that I would have to give up my 5am time slot of getting work done to go for a morning walk. I was going to be Taking Two full days off work, and missing a full weekend with my family! I was so stressed out by Wednesday night my back was so seized up I could barely move!

The think was all of the stress that I was making up in my head was all because of one specific thing! I don’t like to receive! All of my identity and my value that I create for myself or about myself is wrapped up in doing things for others. It actually makes me very uncomfortable to have someone say HERE, take 4 days completely off to yourself! HERE is a ticket to the seminar you have been wanting to go to for two years! HERE > GO > I got it without you!!!

(Now you may be thinking, who in the hell wouldn’t want someone to say “GO DO YOUR FAVOURITE THING FOR 4 DAYS!!!.. I figured it would be amazing too!)   I have come to realize that I always want to be on the giving side of a relationship because it takes the vulnerability out of it for me personally. As soon as I am on the receiving side I am afraid… but knowing that fear is the key to freedom!

I am so grateful to my wife for this gift because it challenged me! It was freaking hard to take 4 days to myself! It gave me time to think and process so many important aspects of my life. It allowed me to bring self awareness to why the hell I was making up so much BULLSHIT stress in the first place!

We all do crazy things that seem so logical at the time, but gaining perspective and clarity is one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself over the years! Knowing yourself is the first key to growing yourself!

The idea of a 4 day seminar might make you cringe, but I love to nerd out on that shit! THAT’S WHY I AM A COACH! I love it!

But love it or hate it, I do hope you will give one thing a chance… YOU. Give yourself the opportunity to grow and understand more about who you are and how you work!

When I was at my most miserable moments I had no idea why! When I looked at all the good people around me that were suffering and had gone down very dark roads I wanted to know why! I have found the reasons why and I want to share some horribly simple truths.

1. We never get back time, so use the hours ahead of you wisely instead of blaming the past and waiting for someone else to change your future.

2. It will be impossible to truly have the life you want if you don’t have the energy to LIVE.

3. Energy doesn’t come from doing HARD things, it comes from doing things that are easy, but just not the easiest.

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EITHER WAY >> Keep Making Progress! <<

– Bonnie